Successful double participation for EIFFEL at the EC-ESA Joint Earth System Science Initiative event

 EIFFEL Pilot 3: Infrastructure & Transport Management and Pilot 5: Disaster Resilience > Drought, forest fire & pest risk assessment were successfully presented during the EC-ESA Joint Earth System Science Initiative event, jointly organized by the European Commission through the Directorate of Research and Innovation (DG/RTD) and the European Space Agency Earth Observation Programme (ESA/EOP), from 22 to 24 November, in Frascati, Italy.

The event was an invitation to scientists, research institutions, policy makers, innovators, industry, ESA activities and Horizon Europe projects to participate and contribute to advance science for a green and sustainable society. The main objective of the event was to review the latest advances in EO and Earth System Science across domains and showcase the latest ESA and EC funded results. The event explored opportunities offered by ESA’s FutureEO and EC’s Horizon Europe Programmes for collaborative research in Earth System Science.

Successful double participation for EIFFEL

Our colleague Benjamín Molina from UPV participated in the event on behalf of EIFFEL’s Pilot 3: Infrastructure & Transport Management Partners: PRODEVELOP, UPV and BPA as well as ICCS, presenting the poster entitled “Climate Change application for supporting port infrastructure and transport environmental policies by predicting atmospheric pollution with augmented GEOSS datasets of the Balearic Islands”, on November 22nd.

With the view to raise awareness and to showcase EIFFEL Project, UPV managed to develop intriguing networking among the 150 scientists from Universities and Research Institutions, policy makers, EO related industry representatives, ESA and current Horizon Europe related projects (e.g. ESA – ESRIN, ECMWF, KNMI, SRON, NILU, EC DG-RTD, CSIC) obtaining significant analysis about the next steps regarding satellite data and EO in various different sectors (e.g. ocean, carbon ,polar changes, biodiversity, agriculture).

In addition, our colleague Kristin Böttcher from our Partner SYKE also participated in the event promoting Pilot 5: Disaster Resilience > Drought, forest fire & pest risk assessment by presenting an invited Poster lightning talk entitled “Towards a multi-hazard risk assessment of forests in Finland” under topic “Climate attribution -Extremes and multi-hazards” in the Session “Poster Lightning talks and Panel Discussion: Setting priorities for a better understanding and assessment of Extremes and Multi-Hazards”. The Poster, that was presented during the Poster Plenary on 23rd of November, gained the interest of 30 participants raising interesting discussions with researchers working on fire and land surface temperature about including additional satellite data information into the analysis.

The Final EIFFEL brochure was distributed during the event.

More info about the event here: EC-ESA Joint Earth System Science Initiative