EIFFEL workshop “Operational services for ARD Sentinel raw data and products ready for the pilots"

On the 8th of July our partners from the BEYOND Centre of the National Observatory of Athens (NOA) organized an online workshop entitled “Operational services for ARD Sentinel raw data and products ready for the pilots".

The main objective of the workshop was to provide a complete overview of the operational services for Sentinel data products to the EIFFEL Climate Change applications (Pilots) as well as to guide the participants into using the downloading and pre-processing scripts of Sentinel data provided by BEYOND Centre of NOA/IAASARS.

The agenda included:

  • Brief introduction to the Umbrella Sentinel access point
  • Setting a virtual environment and installing the required datasets
  • Sentinel Metadata search and available parameters
  • Downloading Sentinel data
  • Pre-processing Sentinel 1 and 2 data
  • Vegetation indices’ estimation (Sentinel 2)
  • Best practices for the installation, downloading and pre-processing procedure, and efficient solutions for storage capacity.

The workshop was targeted to EIFFEL partners involved with the Climate Change applications therefore, more than 15 members from academia and private companies attended the workshop, the majority of which were partners and technical implementers of the EIFFEL Climate Change Applications/Pilots (Work Package 5).

Furthermore, through the real-time implementation of Milestone 4’s scripts, participants were provided with a detailed guidance for downloading and pre-processing Sentinel data relevant to their applications for Water and Land Use Management, Sustainable Agriculture, Transport Management, Sustainable Urban Development, and Disaster Resilience. The workshop showcased how the provided tools and scripts of Task 3.5 (Work Package 3) can be used to utilise large-scale Sentinel datasets, in terms of size of the study area and data frequency. Finally, the workshop was proven conducive to users’ in need of Sentinel data providing the ability to minimise the time and storage capacity that one would spend searching, downloading, cropping, and processing raw Sentinel data.

Watch the full presentation on YouTube here