EIFFEL Workshop "Blending GEOSS-related datasets with the Umbrella Sentinel Access Point"

On the 4th of November 2022 our partners from the BEYOND Centre of the National Observatory of Athens (NOA) organized an online workshop entitled "Blending GEOSS-related datasets with the Umbrella Sentinel Access Point".

The main objective of the workshop was to provide an overview of the prototype services for subsetting and filtering the results returned from Umbrella Sentinel Access Point via GEOSS-related datasets. During the workshop participants were guided into using the extended functionalities of the Umbrella Sentinel Access Point provided by the Operational Unit BEYOND/IAASARS/NOA.

Specifically, the workshop included:

  • A brief introduction to the new functionalities
  • Hands-on workshop
  • Present example use cases relevant to the pilots
  • Discussion on the potential use of the tool by the CC applications.

In light of the presentation of the new features of the Umbrella Sentinel Access Point, participants were provided with examples for filtering the results returned from Umbrella based on a condition related to other data sources (e.g. climate data). The workshop showcased how the provided functionalities of Task 3.5 (Work Package 3) Blend Sentinel Hub App with GEOSS portal datasets can be used to efficiently decrease the volume of data needed to be acquired and processed.

Lastly, the workshop aimed to provide information about minimising the storage capacity that one would require to download Sentinel data, increasing the time and storage efficiency of the CC applications that will be using Sentinel data.

The workshop was targeted to EIFFEL partners involved with the Climate Change applications therefore, more than 14 partners participated in the workshop the majority of which were partners and technical implementers of the EIFFEL Climate Change Applications/Pilots (Work Package 5), as well as representatives from scientific and research bodies that analyse and deliver EO products (EO service providers).

Watch the workshop here

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