EIFFEL project featuring in Climate Change Mitigation portal

EIFFEL project is officially included in the Climate Change Mitigation portal led by JIN Climate and Sustainability, on behalf of the LANDMARC H2020 project, which collects and posts climate solutions identified by EU-funded research projects for wider dissemination.

The portal is home to about 100 articles from 36 EU-funded projects and EIFFEL is one of them with a dedicated profile and already one article.

Acting as a central hub for climate change knowledge dissemination and fostering cross-project collaborations; policymakers, journalists and other agents from the local to the global level as well as the general public, have access to the website therefore the visibility and impact of EIFFEL project will be highly increased.

The portal has received around 700 views from May 2022 and aims to exceed by far that number with the launch of a large public relations campaign with the support of the European Commission.

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