EIFFEL Plenary Meeting 2022

The 1st physical Plenary meeting of EIFFEL, since the beginning of the project, was held on the 23rd and 24th of June in Athens, Greece, organized by the coordination team of ICCS.

More than 40 participants from consortium partners came together for two productive days full of research activities, presentations from all work packages and pilots as well as interactive discussions. The main focus was to depict the progress of the EIFFEL project, assess its status and highlight upcoming challenges and activities.

The meeting provided a powerful opportunity to identify future priorities and set development goals; and the fact that the consortium had the chance to meet in person, elevated in depth conversations and communication for an efficient and productive collaboration.

Stay tuned for the progress that this 2 days meeting will bring!


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 ICCS plenary

EIFFEL e news Plenary 2022