EIFFEL Pilot 5 Finnish forest multi-hazard governance workshop

EIFFEL Pilot 5: Pilot 5: Disaster Resilience > Drought, forest fire & pest risk assessment Regional | National Scale and our partner Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) organized an insightful workshop on 10th of October entitled: “Finnish forest multi-hazard governance workshop” in collaboration with a national climate-change adaptation project. With the main objective to discuss the successful coordination of multiple forest hazards, its challenges and opportunities and further understand the role of different actors, this workshop focused on the essential actual resources and the resources required under the envision of a coordinated governance.

During the 3hour in-person workshop there were 60 minutes of introductory presentations and 75 minutes of work in break-out groups using guiding questions, before summarizing in the plenary session.

15 people participated mainly from from research institutes, governmental forestry organisations and Universities (i.e. Finnish Environment Institute, Natural Resources Institute of Finland, Finnish Meteorological Institute, Forest Centre, Tapio, University of Eastern Finland and Häme University of Applied Sciences).

The discussion helped in developing joint hazard governance and relevant policy recommendations. This material enhances the impact of EIFFEL’s Pilot results while is assisting understand the realities of multi-hazard governance and the role of research knowledge by bringing together experts from different backgrounds to have a full overview of the entire field of multi-hazard governance in forests.

Watch in YouTube the summary of the workshop

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