EIFFEL Pilot 4 workshop for Supporting Climate Neutral and Sustainable Cities through Earth Observation

 Our partner Region of Attica organized a participatory workshop entitled “Supporting Climate Neutral and Sustainable Cities through Earth Observation: the EIFFEL project Community of Practice” on the 20th of October at PLYFA Athens, Greece.

The main objective of the workshop was to present EIFFEL project through EIFFEL’s Pilot 4: Sustainable Urban Development  to the Community of Practice, local stakeholders and potential members of the community aiming to explore, practice, understand and provide feedback on the existing applications as well as to reflect and discuss the existing scenarios and co-design new ideas.

In particular, the workshop included introductory presentations of EIFFEL Community of Practice by our partners Region of Attica and NOA  as well as presentations of apps & scenarios based on:

  • Buildings energy efficiency
  • Rooftop photovoltaics
  • Electric vehicles with realistic estimations of climate change mitigation through Earth Observation and
  • Air quality co-benefits of climate action

During this interactive workshop the participants had the opportunity to test the three tools of the Decision Support Application, to evaluate them and discuss in groups.

In addition, at the Co-design of GHG mitigation new scenarios and future Decision Support Application Session the participants worked in groups to co-design new scenarios and present their collective ideas in the course of the plenary session.

Summarizing the feedback of the workshop the improvement of the tools was in focus and the the increase in data availability was underlined. The participants provided their feedback and suggested condensing the scientific information in order to make the platform more understandable, while they underlined the fact that they need more technical explanation and time in practice in order to familiarize themselves with terminology and capabilities. The addition of socio-economic scenarios was also highlighted as very important, along with the possibility of applying more scenarios simultaneously and in combination. According to the overall feedback per application the conclusion was that the majority of the tools are very useful, understandable and easy to use. Most participants stated that they would use them in their daily life. Half of the participants expressed their willingness to participate in future actions of the Community of Practice.

The workshop gained the interest of 30 stakeholders, representatives of municipalities, ministries, local networks, researchers, institutions, associations, and the private sector (Region of Attica, RePACC Attica, Transportation, Municipality of Piraeus, Municipality of Athens, DAEM SA, Climate Piraeus/Laboratory for Climate Change, Ministry of Environment and Energy, Sustainable City, Green City, SADAS, NOA, AUA, NTUA, participatory LAB).

See here the platform used during the workshop

 region of attica workshop 2

region of attica workshop 4

region of attica workshop 3

region of attica workshop 5