EIFFEL in synergy with Climateurope2

Two Horizon Projects, focused on tackling climate change, have joined forces with a view to advance climate research and ultimately support society to adapt to and mitigate climate change.

EIFFEL Project has been added to the list of related projects and initiatives that appear on the Climateurope2 website.

Climateurope2 is a Horizon Europe Coordination and Support Action that will run from 2022-2027. The project aims to support and develop the community of climate services in Europe. It also aims to increase the uptake of climate services and their standardisation process. Climate services are information and knowledge that can help people and organizations deal with the impacts of climate variability and climate change.

More specifically it aims to address the following objectives:

  1. Developing standardisation procedures for climate services.
  2. Supporting an equitable European climate services community.
  3. Enhancing the uptake of quality-assured climate services to support adaptation and mitigation to climate change and variability.