EIFFEL at the NCR (Netherlands Center for River Studies) conference

EIFFEL Pilot 1: Water & Land-Use Management Regional Scale & Cross-border with two intriguing participations in the NCR (Netherlands Center for River Studies) conference held at 12-13 of April 2023, aroused the interest of the event’s attendees for the EIFFEL project.

Our partners from IHE Delft Institute for Water Education presented two posters entitled: “The influence of precipitation spatial variability on mesoscale catchment hydrology: A study on the impact of rainfall distribution patterns” and “Investigating the effectiveness of Nature Based Solutions (NBS) for climate change adaptation using coupled MIKE SHE MIKE 11 model”.

The objectives, correspondingly, were on one hand to present the influence of rainfall spatial variability on catchment surface and sub-surface hydrology that has been carried out and was conducted as a research while setting up of hydrological model for Pilot 1; and on the other hand to present the effectiveness of the Nature based solutions that has been tested for climate change adaptation by using the hydrological model built for Pilot 1.

Almost 80 people, from the domain of Hydrology and Hydraulics, attended the conference mainly from the Consultancy and Academia field.

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