EIFFEL in synergy with the H2020 SnapEarth Project

EIFFEL project had a powerful participation at the SnapEarth Final Conference that was held on the 28th of November.

With a technical presentation entitled "AI-powered Sentinel-2/3 Data Fusion and Super Resolution Methods for Supporting Climate Change Adaptation & Mitigation Applications " which showcased the work of WP4 and the integration in pilot (WP5), Dimitris Bliziotis from ICCS:

  • presented the EIFFEL project to the SnapEarth community,
  • explored synergies between the different projects and relative users/stakeholders,
  • exchanged ideas on the current state of the art methodologies enabling Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • showcased the usefulness of AI in climate change related applications using EO data.

In view of the project’s relative work presented under the umbrella of “Enabling Artificial Intelligence (AI) for providing added-value Earth Observation (EO) services”, EIFFEL received positive feedback especially on the fused integration of in-situ sensors with super resolution algorithms, exploiting Sentinel data (2/3/5p) and GEOSS data.

The EIFFEL presence attracted the audience’s interest reaching more than 50 participants from different organizations e.g., EC, JRC, CERTH, QWANT, CS Group France, Absiskey Polska, CS Group Romania, other EU projects such as AI4Copernicus, WQeMS, EOMAP, SnapEarth, Democritus University of Thrace, CIMMYT.

Fast facts:

SnapEarth H2020 project is to foster the Market growth of COPERNICUS by instigating the development of new EO applications and to develop general public awareness to EO data. SnapEarth is to initiate the creation of a virtuous circle of innovation by providing to EO data users an innovative platform with leading edge EO segmented datasets, Neural Networks models and Cloud computing ecosystem.

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