EIFFEL at the II Congress of the Spanish Network of Smart Cities

Our EIFFEL partner Prodevelop participated in the II Congress of the Spanish Network of Smart Cities held at Palma de Mallorca, Spain, on October 10-11, 2022. The goal for this smart city congress was the exchange of knowledge and experiences on Smart Cities in Spain, with the use of technology and innovation based on development tools regarding the Climate Change.

Our colleague Amelia del Rey, attended the Congress representing Pilot, Infrastructure & Transport Management Regional Scale and introduced EIFFEL as a project under the European “Horizon 2020” highlighting the relationship between the city and the Port against Climate Change.

Prodevelop was able to inform representatives of other cities, and stake-holders and institutional entities in charge of management of Smart Cities in Spain and abroad, emphasizing on the pilots’ results.

At the congress more than 200 attendees participated representing institutions, e.g. City Councils, Ministry Digital Transformation (Spain), Undersecretary of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Argentina, Smart City Department, Royal Commission for Riyadh City, Smart Technologies for communities, European Commission.

More Information: https://reddeciudadesinteligentes.es/congresorecipalma/

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