At the Session “Fighting climate change in urban environment: a multi-scalar endeavor”, initiated by HARMONIA project, our pilot leader Evangelos Gerasopoulos presented and promoted EIFFEL’s approach in general and its implementation within the Sustainable Urban Development Pilot in tackling climate change in cities. Furthermore, there was a special focus on the various administrative levels that contribute to tackling Climate Change, from the pilot cities to the national and European levels. The aim of this workshop was to connect the urban and Earth Observation communities as well as increase awareness in regards to EO-based solutions tackling climate change in an urban environment.

More than 70 members mainly from the private sector, the EO Research Community, space-environmental-policy agents etc., had the opportunity to participate in a discussion on how EO based solutions can support climate adaptation in cities raising awareness to city stakeholders on the multiple potential that is offered. Also, implementation-wise, good practices of funding frames and city applications were also shared and EIFFEL was able to demonstrate its approach to the private sector and unfold engagement opportunities between research and companies in this hot domain.

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