EIFFEL at EUSO 2nd Stakeholders forum

On the 24th – 26th of October, Nikiforos Samarinas from IBEC representing EIFFEL Pilot 2 Sustainable Agriculture, participated in the EUSO 2nd Stakeholders forum organized by the Joint Research Centre (JRC).

The main purpose of the EU Soil Observatory (EUSO) is to actively engage and exchange with the soil community, in a broad sense - from policy makers, soil and soil-related scientists, local actors, civil society representatives and citizens.

In this context - and in the spirit of engaging end users for Pilot 2 services - our partner presented soil health indicators at National scale with high spatial resolution taking advantages of AI techniques and EO data.

More specifically, the presentation focused on predictions for several soil health indicators via the synergy of AI techniques, existing soil data archives and big data analytics supporting national and European policies.

Almost 140 members from academia, universities, private sector etc. (e.g. Paying Agencies, Agricultural Policy Makers, Agricultural cooperative etc.) showed high interest for Pilot 2 services and activities and especially with the potential of the products to provide information at a national level and with high spatial resolution.

Find the full presentation here

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