EIFFEL at EGU General Assembly 2022

Our partner from Open Universiteit (OUNL), Ruben Hage, had a powerful presence in the EGU General Assembly 2022, showcasing the work that OUNL team (Lansu, A., Bogatinoska, B., and de Kraker, J) has implemented within the framework of the EIFFEL project.

The presentation entitled: “Co-designing user stories for geodata applications to support climate action in 5 GEO Societal Benefit Areas” which focused on the co-design approach to application development and in particular discussed the user stories that were developed as part of WP2 “Co-Design of Climate Change applications based on GEOSS”, was successfully presented to more than 50 attendees, specialized in the domain of geosciences, participated in the session dedicated on climate services.

The importance of taking user needs as a starting point for the development of new climate services was also highlighted.

In a nutshell, the main objectives were to:

  • Showcase EIFFEL project to the EGU community
  • Elaborate on and promote the co-design approach central to EIFFEL
  • Highlight relevancy of user-centric climate services (applications)

The impactful presentation inspired other scientists, working on climate services, to take user needs into account, and to leverage them as a starting point for the development of new climate services.

A dedicated article was published from OUNL (in local language) with a special mention to EIFFEL's participation in the EGU 2022 GA.

Find the link to the abstract here

Find the full presentation here

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