EIFFEL at an interesting dialogue on data accessibility

Data sharing and data management principles need to be advocated in the EO expanding community. GEO Secretariat is launching a service to raise awareness and highlight their importance.

Since the 5th of September 2022, the GEO Data Sharing and Data Management Principles subgroups are running a webinar every Monday from 16:00 to 17:30 CEST to raise awareness about the GEO principles and their benefits. The webinars are aimed at all Earth observation stakeholders, including data producers, technology providers, scientists, researchers, business developers, decision makers and policy makers.

Members of the Earth observation community discuss their experience implementing the principles, talk through how they tackled challenges and showcase the impact they realized.

Within this framework, our EIFFEL partner Thanasis Drivas from the BEYOND Centre of the National Observatory of Athens (NOA) participated in the webinar that was held on the 26th of September 2022 under the thematic “Accessibility (DMP 2)”, with the main objective to present the Umbrella Access Point Application.

The specific webinar focused on Data Accessibility. Four success stories were presented highlighting different aspects of the topic. Among them, the Umbrella App as it allows the efficient and effortless access to sentinel images by linking different data sources into a single hub. The umbrella is a step towards access reliability and performance, enabling operational and business use. In addition, the second version of Umbrella provides users the potential to make sophisticated queries by blending satellite and meteo metadata and thus, opening the room for smarter filtering of (meta)data.

Find the full presentation here

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