EIFFEL 2nd Plenary Meeting 2023

…and yes! It was that time of the year where all EIFEL partners (almost 30 participants) joined to showcase the successful results derived by unity and teamwork during these two years, share experiences and identify potential challenges for the future.

The 2nd Plenary meeting of EIFFEL, held in Palma Mallorca on the 29th and 30th of June was more than just a typical meeting since the main focus was to elevate interaction and ignite lively discussions. All consortium members were updated about the progress of each active work package within the second year of the project, assessed its status and highlighted issues that had to be tackled as well as upcoming activities that required attention. During the meeting various interactive workshops took place to work on critical project tasks and strengthen the partners’ collaboration.

In a nutshell, the main activity was pivoted around the below:

  1. Discuss the project’s progress
  2. Discuss future work and priorities
  3. Conduct interactive workshops for:
  • EIFFEL Tools & Pilots Apps Demonstration, Validation Strategy & Next Steps
  • DMP Discussion: Pilots, Apps, Data & Documentation
  • Engagement and Involvement of CoPs, Stakeholders & Citizens (Current Status & Future Steps)
  • Exploitation Strategy Workshop
  • Review and Future Steps of the Dissemination & Sustainability Strategy
  • GEO Knowledge Hub & Climate-ADAPT: Informational Workshop
  • and last but not least…meet and socialize

The conversations about the upcoming project priorities and tasks proved to be fruitful and set the cornerstone for the efficient continuance of the project.