EIFFEL supports sustainable solutions for Climate at the 2nd GCOS Climate Observation Conference

EIFFEL partner, PRODEVELOP had a dynamic presence at the 2nd GCOS Climate Observation Conference, held on 17-19 October 2022 in Darmstadt, Germany. More specifically, in the framework of Topic 3 “How can global climate observations better support national and international climate policies?”, Jose Antonio Clemente, representing our Pilot Infrastructure & Transport Management, introduced the use of GEOSS in a presentation entitled: “Monitoring and prediction of atmospheric pollution in the five ports of Balearic Port Authority, BPA”. EIFFEL’s participation was amplified with a poster entitled “Climate Change application for supporting port infrastructure and transport environmental policies”.

The Conference facilitated an exchange on challenges and needs in regards to Climate observations which is of fundamental importance for reconstructing, monitoring, understanding, attributing, predicting, projecting, mitigating, and adapting to climate change. Prodevelop in collaboration with UPV and ICCS was able to interact with the 150 participants of the Conference from EO Scientific community, Universities, Research & Development Centers etc. (WMO, IOC, UN environment, EUMESAT, GCOS, Copernicus, ECMWF), emphasizing on the projects’ results while enhancing opportunities for collaboration and synergies.

The Congress in a nutshell

The second GCOS Climate Observation Conference focused on activities and solutions that help to achieve a fully implemented, sustainable, and fit for purpose global observing system for climate taking stock of the progress achieved by the global observing community in the last three decades.

Topics and clusters of the Conference:

  • Topic 1: Space and ground-based networks and observing systems – how to address improvements to better meet user needs?
  • Topic 2: How can climate observations enhance further the understanding of climate change, extreme events and tipping points?
  • Topic 3: How can global climate observations better support national and international climate policies?
  • Topic 4: Data processing, archiving, access, and stewardship - how can new technologies help address existing challenges?
  • Topic 5: Climate Data Records: what do we need to do to make this information more reliable?
  • Cluster 1: Earth system cycles: fluxed and budgets, interactions
  • Cluster 2: GCOS and ECV framework

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