Article: New approach for climate risk assessment supports decision-making under uncertainty

“New approach for climate risk assessment supports decision-making under uncertainty”. A new article from EIFFEL Pilot Disaster Resilience > Drought, forest fire & pest risk assessment has just landed!

A new method for climate risk assessment has been developed that improves decision-making for climate change adaptation under uncertainty. The international work, led by researchers from the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE), applied numerical models of climate impacts and large datasets of future changes in climate to quantify the likelihood of critical impacts for crop yields, water resources, human health and ecosystems.

Using the new method, the study team addressed three important aspects for climate change adaptation: what sectors and regions are most sensitive to climate change, how urgent is it to do something about it and what are the most suitable adaptation responses?

Fast fact:

The new approach is currently being tested at regional scale for multiple sectors in Finland in the Adapt-FIRST project funded by the Academy of Finland. It is also being applied to study multiple hazards to Finnish forests in the European Commission-funded EIFFEL project.

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