An elevated EIFFEL presence at the EuroGEO Workshop 2022

An elevated EIFFEL presence at the EuroGEO Workshop 2022, held in Greece (7-9 December) from a highly promising H2020 project committed to tackle climate change!

On the 8th of December 2022, partners from ICCS, LIBRA and NOA/IERSD, had an impactful and effective attendance that encompassed niche presentations which captured the main goals and progress of the EIFFEL project.

More specifically, on one hand our colleagues Dimitris Bliziotis (ICCS) and Yannis Kopsinis (LIBRA) with two dedicated presentations, at the session “Towards the digital age – platforms and data spaces for the EU Green Deal - Part I & II”, showcased the EIFFEL project to the GEOSS and EuroGEO community with a view to: to explore synergies between different projects and relative users/stakeholders, to present the technical progress of the EIFFEL cognitive search, to discuss with representatives from the GEOSS Platform Plus project and to demonstrate the usefulness of AI in climate change related applications using EO data.

The first presentation focused on the progress, ambitions and expected results of EIFFEL and the second dived the technical parts of EIFFEL’s cognitive search engine. It was directed on the development of AI-powered data queries and semantic search technologies that leverage advanced cognitive features to understand the human language and perform climate change-specific enquiries.

The current status of EIFFEL tools and especially the demonstration of the EIFFEL cognitive search tool received very positive feedback from the GEOSS and EuroGEO community and various technical discussions took place within and after the workshop. Further collaborations and actions were discussed and follow up activities were planned to capitalize on the outcomes.

On the other hand, our colleague Orestis Speyer (NOA/IERSD), at the Session “Urban resilience in a climate adapting world ” with his presentation entitled: “EIFFEL project: exploring urban GHG mitigation and health co-benefits in buildings, solar energy and mobility” focused on the pilot’s utilization of Copernicus/GEOSS components and discussed the contribution to the climate resiliency of Athens and the delineating policy scenarios regarding GHG-intensive urban sectors as well as quantifying ensuing health co-benefits.

The overall feedback was positive and the dedicated presentation was requested by two participants in order to explore exploitation opportunities.

Additionally, all three partners participated as well in a technical discussion with representatives from ESA, CNR, RHEA Group to showcase the capabilities and progress of EIFFEL tools and explore the alignment with GEOSS Platform Plus activities.

Last but not least, EIFFEL brochures were distributed with a view to further raise awareness of the project, its objectives and expertise.

The EuroGEO Workshop was a unique opportunity to bring together the European players interested in and actively contributing to EuroGEO. More than 250 people attended the conference (i.e. EC, JRC, ESA, CNR, RHEA Group, OGC, UN, H2020 funded communities (e-shape, OEMC, EO4EU, FAIRiCUBE, AD4GD etc), academia, SME’s, policy and municipal stakeholders etc)

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